We are a niche law firm specialising in tourism, banking, and finance. Our primary focus is to add value to the clients we represent.

As a client centric law firm, we provide high-level professional consultancy and legal advisory services to hotel and banking clients engaged in the Maldives tourism and the banking sector. We offer innovative solutions to challenging problems, provide practical and results-oriented advice to maximise opportunities and returns for our clients. 


Value-Based Pricing

We take pride in the effort we put into delivering highly effective solutions that are keenly personalised to the needs of our clients. Therefore, we opt to charge for that value we add to their businesses instead of focusing on the outputs. By offering value-based fixed or capped fees for our services, we ensure control over the legal costs.

Holistic Solutions

Based on decades of combined practical experience, we understand that our clients may require more than just legal services at times. With our diverse team of experts from seasoned commercial lawyers to specialist tax and finance advisors, we also provide expert financial and tax advisory services to support and complement our core legal practice.


We are guided by our culture of giving back. We at Fizan & Partners are committed to supporting our community and to building a sustainable world for everyone.

Every year we dedicate our time to pro bono cases and offer our undivided attention to those who need us the most. We work closely with NGO’s and other charitable organisations and support them with our knowledge as well as through financial contributions. 

We actively support green initiatives. To reaffirm that commitment, we have banned single-use plastic from our office, followed by an initiative to reduce our paper usage.

  • Office
  • Floor 1, Gadhamoo Building
  • 66 Boduthakurufaanu Magu
  • Henveiru, Malé 20066, Maldives
  • T+960 3 016 016
  • Einfo@fizanpartners.com